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"My duty as Goddess and Empress is my main goals, protecting my citizens with my thu'um and my life."
―Marcella Valeria[src]

Empress Marcella Valeria, also known as Lady Marcella Selodil,[1] the Dragon Empress,[2] and Peacemaker,[3] is the heroine-goddess of the Ten Divines. A princess later becoming the first female Dragonborn, who allied with her uncle Emperor Uriel Valeria by reclaiming the independent islands of the Padomaic Ocean, and defeating a Altmer-Bosmer forces at Dovah Skor. Marcella ascended the Ruby Throne, having succeeded her uncle and become the fourth Empress of the Valerian Empire.[2]

She is known for defeating Alduin, Ulfric Stormcloak, and the Third Aldmeri Dominion weakened in the War of the First Dragon. Upon her death, she was apotheosized in the pantheon of the Ten Divines, and was involved numerous times during the Fifth Era.[3]

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Marcella Valeria is worshiped by the Imperials, becoming one of the popular deities in the Ten Divines. She is an half-breed of a Imperial/Dunmer appearance, identifying herself as a pansexual, and well-known for her famous battle tactics which later adopted by the Legion.[4][5]

In her early years and becoming an deity, she made a Dragonborn, the first female in her own right. She stopped the Daedric Prince Hades from returning in her Crusader brief tenure. She quickly rose to the ranks to Legate, and later General in the Imperial Legion, after she conquering the Padomaic islands and defeat the Altmer-Bosmer forces at Dovah Skor.[6][7]

Because of this, Marcella become Empress while during her rule and accomplishments, she outlawing slavery, the re-recognizing of the Synod, and founded her own illustrious order.[2] Marcella is mostly known for defeating a three-war conflicts through offensive and diplomatic means, most notably the War of the First Dragon.[8][9][10] In times of war, she is called "Peacemaker" because of her peaceful negotiation skills.[UL 1]

With her death her adoptive daughter, Livia succeeding Marcella in 5E 68, and was ascended to divinehood. Marcella considered one of the greatest heroines of Mankind. Marcella is also referred to as the "Two" in the "Eight and Two". Some followers of the original Divines follow the old ways of honoring the Eight, while also giving due to Marcella, the "Two" who ascended, the same way as her ancestor Talos, who also ascended.[3][1]

After her death, she appeared in her aspect, known as Ramis in the Nordic Pantheon. Marcella is documented that she had various appearances, including her role as a guardian-heroine to the Empire's children throughout the Fifth Era.[11]


Early life and Dragonblood

The future Empress's birth place, the Anvil Palace, Anvil, which the first member of the Dynasty born out-side of Imperial City.

Marcella Valeria was born morning hours on 15th of Evening Star, 4E 173 at the Anvil Palace, in the city of Anvil, and was the youngest child to Emperor Caius Valeria and Brelyna of the Valerian Dynasty, with her older sisters Tulvia and Vittoria.[1][12] As a Imperial/Dunmer halfbreed, Marcella had previously appeared as an Dark Elf female, but as she grow older, her skin slowly turned to tan of a Imperial, and fan of mohawk hair styles. She then moved back in the White-Gold Tower in the Imperial City, to spend the rest of her childhood life as a Imperial Princess. She then spend her first visit become Lady Marcella Selodil, because of her well-known person in Morrowind.[UL 2][2][13] She is the descendant from Tiber Septim of the Septim Dynasty.[UL 3][14]

In her youth, she is a skilled swordsman, idolizing her father and bonding relationship with her mother. With her mother trained Marcella in their free time, which mostly train during both the day time and night. Not knowing that the blood of the dragon passed down to herself from birth, even know that it was insanely useful gift from Akatosh, which claimed that "career change" is coming.[15] During the first days, her father's advisor told Marcella to travel to Skyrim, which she slay a dragon and witness that she absorbing a dragon soul. With Marcella impressed that she had dragonblood, she accepted when the Greybeards summoned Marcella to the High Hrothgar, which was teach by her instructor and mentor Arngeir.[16] About two weeks of learning the thu'um in the correct way with the help and mentored by The Greybeards. Marcella was then declared Dragonborn by the Greybeards, becoming the first female mortal to do so in her own right.[16][1][12]

A young-aged Marcella returned to Cyrodiil from Skyrim, the people liked Marcella, as they know that she was a favorite to the Imperial citizens and her repution as the first female mortal to became Dragonborn. For the rest of her years prior before joining the Imperial Legion, she remained the majority in her study at the White Gold Tower to studying and quickly soon become a veteran of the Thu'um.[UL 2][1] Her parents was killed at the Battle of Grimpen Ward in Skyrim, while Marcella expressed sweet and sad mourned their respected deaths, and soon to have improving hatred to The Stormcloaks. While the Ruby Throne had passed down to her uncle Uriel Valeria, who was previously the High King consort of Hammerfell to his wife Yisine, so that Marcella had come of age and wasn't ready to become a ruler just yet.[UL 3]

The Padomaic Conquests and Dovah Skor

A symbol of the Knights of the Nine where Marcella was briefly tenure as a Knight.

In 4E 191, Marcella enlisted in the Imperial Legion where she fought against the Third Aldmeri Dominion, including the major battles of the Battle of the Red River and the Battle of Gold Road.[2][17] By the next three years, she had a vision of Rasman to defeat Hades in his realm, the Underworld which she succeeded but badly wounded in the progress.[18][14][19] After her brief departure as a Knight of the Nine, Marcella then served briefly as a Agent under her uncle, Emperor Uriel Valeria. When the First Forsworn Uprising, soon to be the Markarth Incident, she been gaining tasked information to her uncle on the information of the Forsworn. The Imperial Legion is the military arm of the Empire, which, prior to its Great War with the Third Aldmeri Dominion, ruled over most of Tamriel.[UL 2] Soon after, Uriel promoted Marcella was given the rank of Legate. About few weeks, Marcella had receives criticisms among Generals and upon the Empire over her promotion. But Marcella proof them wrong when she had three consecutive victories battles. Soon after the victory, Marcella spends the rest of the years of almost a year, in peace.[17][20]

Marcella promoted to General by the promotion by her uncle Emperor Uriel Valeria in 4E 194, becoming the youngest female general of the Empire.[21][UL 3] Her first battle as was the First Battle of Padomaic Land and began which known as the Padomaic Conquests. Along with her generals, Claudius Drusus and her cousin Sergentius Valeria, they retook Roscrea, which about five months from the fall of that year, which was successfully took it after twelve-month siege.[22][23][24] After taking Roscrea, Marcella make temporality camp there, and turned into Fort Roscrea, while making preparations to on re-taking to next island of Cathnoquey.[24][21][22] While making preparations to re-conquer Cathnoquey, the weather is to cold—causing majority of Marcella's troops calls illness and fever, delaying the plans for the following year.[21] By 4E 196, as the morale recovered, Marcella, Sergentius, and Claudius sail to Cathnoquey, which she retook quickly. She then wait for reinforcements from her uncle, which delaying another eight months, and which she got reinforcements, Marcella, her generals and her new improved Legion set sale to Esroniet.[21][22] Last time it was ruled, was Prince Bashomon during the reign and conquest of Uriel V in 3E 284.[22][UL 3] She then set siege on port-city of Black Harbor, triggering the Siege of Black Harbor, which lasted in a day with the headquarters of Resolute Supremacy destroyed, and the Nordic Warlord Chief Nelkan Ironhand escaped, but later killed in a duel with Marcella.[25][21][22] Marcella then head back to New Gaius with future plans, which was canceled. She then set eyes on the island of Yneslea which controlled by the Yneslean Family, which she defeated the family at the Battle of New Gaius, conquered succeeded.[24][25][UL 4]

A fort Dovah Skor as it appears in The Elder Scrolls VI: Invasion.

After returning to Cyrodiil by recovering her wounds, which declined the governorship of the islands. Her uncle reported that a Thalmor-Bosmer alliance heading to Cyrodiil, which the Alliance gained the upper hand years prior.[UL 2] Marcella later re-joined with her uncle, and marks the first conflict which known as The War of the First Dragon, an war conflict that involves civil war in Skyrim, a dragon crisis, and war with the Third Aldmeri Dominion. Both Marcella and her uncle Uriel gather their respected Legions, and marched to Fort Caractacus. The alliance forces joined and met Marcella, and begin the Battle of Dovah Skor where her first major challenged in the battle, resulting in Legion's victory.[6] After the battle, the Imperial deserters were executed, some joined back in the Legion, the Altmer soldiers, nobles and generals were imprisoned, and her uncle Emperor was pleased that Marcella's victory and so she rewarded the fortress for her honor, and become a personal home before becoming Empress a year later.[6][UL 3]

Accession and Prosperous Institutions

Marcella in her coronation robes, 4E 201.

After she return to Cyrodiil and dealing with Thalmor-Bosmer at Dovah Skor, her uncle Emperor Uriel Valeria was slowly in decline of health. Marcella Valeria who set her temporally home in Dovah Skor, the Elder Council prompting that Marcella to be called back to the Imperial City, to become the next monarch of Cyrodiil.[26] This lead to an succession crisis as Marcella's older sisters Tulvia and Vittoria were alleged to next be chosen to be crowned, but they refused that allow Marcella, who already been Dragonborn since her youth, and was chosen to be her uncle's successor but it's really her father's successor, which she agreed.[2][25][UL 5]

Her uncle, Uriel Valeria death shocked Cyrodiil and it's Legion. Marcella was in Dovah Skor and received news of her uncle's passing, which she mourned. The High Councilor Thaoroth Lylirilamil, along with Marcella's older sisters arrived in Dovah Skor and proclaimed Marcella, Empress of Cyrodiil. Upon arriving of the Imperial City, she saw greeting with cheers among the citizens.[27] Before she was crowned, Marcella was approached by Octavius Jannus to have an new weapon as an symbol of her accession, which she agreed, Jannus preceded by and forged and re-crafted of the replica of a longsword of the Sword of the Crusader, in few days and he presented the longsword to Marcella; which she was impressed and glad and so she named it, Dragonbreath and thus becoming her personal sword during her reign.[UL 6] Marcella Valeria assumed to the Imperial throne after being crowned in Red Dragon Crown and the Amulet of Dovahsos.[1] After being crowned, she then travel through the Imperial City that Marcella Valeria formally crowned as Empress few weeks after she was within the city at the Temple of the One, and re-lighted the Dragonfires.[2]

One of the most enduring institutions of Marcella Valeria was to outlawing slavery in her first rule law, saw the reorganization of The Synod the following later, which established on the behalf of the Emperor or Empress, and she also recognized institute of magic based in Cyrodiil which promoted lawfulness and furthered the establishment of Imperial organizations.[UL 2][28] She is popularized and the height of her reign that allowing same-sex marriages in Cyrodiil, which she supported.[UL 7][UL 8][UL 5] The White-Gold Tower is considered the residence and have lived since the rising of the Valerian Dynasty. Soon after the coronation, Marcella created the Order of the Mohawk, an knightly-order that later become an order later dedicated to worship and patron deity of Marcella.[29][UL 3] While the Order role during the Skyrim Civil War and the Dragon Crisis, it might allow all Mer and Beast into the order, Marcella make her order in the Imperial City as the order's headquarters. The Order is similar to Tiber Septim's Order of the Dragon that only the elite and high honor, only be accepted into the Order by the emperor himself or an extremely high ranking Imperial official. The Order of the Mohawk's other location rather then the headquarters is Lexian Manor in Anvil.[12][29]

The War of the First Dragon

"Mankind is a noble thing, we the Empire survived well and we still strong. I contunine to serve the Empire with my heart, as well of children. With the Greybeards had my back and with my ancestor's Dragon blood, I'll used my thu'um for good will."
―Marcella Valeria[src]

Alduin's return reestablish his dominance over Skyrim until Marcella defeated him in Sovngarde.

At the time, Marcella Valeria arrived in Skyrim with her legion to help Elisif the Fair during the civil war, and meet the Greybeards' leader, the dragon Paarthurnax who tells her the return to Alduin, and finds the Elder Scroll in the Tower of Mzark.[30][31] With the help of her mentor Paarthurnax, Marcella then goes solo, which lead her soldiers worried that she might be killed, then she defeats Alduin but he manages to escape with his remaining power in Sovngarde. After the battle, with Paarthurnax advice, she captured Odahviing and interrogate him about Alduin's whereabouts at Dragonsreach in Whiterun, as the both him and Marcella traveled to Skuldafn.[32][UL 3] Marcella reaches the portal, and then travels to Sovngarde which Marcella then reunites with the Heroes of the Old, with their help, they and Marcella Valeria finally defeating Alduin for the last time. Marcella then earned the title of Ramis, which is "Dragon of the Empire", which the title of Ramis will become her aspect or avatar.[30]

The banner of the Third Aldmeri Dominion.

The murder of High King Torygg after Jarl Ulfric Stormcloak of Windhelm shouted him apart in a duel, furiously Marcella, which she branded Ulfric, a murderer and a trailer of the Empire.[30][33] Marcella issue a campaign against the Stromcloaks, alongside with Admiral Aldis, Legate Rikke and General Tullius. First the Stormcloaks launched to take Whiterun, while Jarl Balgruuf the Greater asked Marcella Valeria for help, she quickly responded and march to Whiterun, defeating the Stormcloaks.[28][33] Marcella and her generals marched and took Fort Dunstad after two hours, and marched to "one of the most strongest stronghold" Fort Greenwall and thus sieging and successfully took Fort Greenwall.[30] Tullius has only been around for a few months, but has really turned things around for the Empire.[34] A noteworthy event is him directing the ambush, and capturing Ulfric Stormcloak and his top lieutenants at Darkwater Crossing.[34][35] Marcella then helped her long-time friend Siddgeir, Jarl of Falkreath to defeated the Forsworn after Marcella arrived in the town.[33][30] While Marcella was travelling from Falkreath to Riften, there was a assassination attempt on her life when she was ambushed by the Stormcloaks, led by the assassin, Bolfur Scar-Honored, which Marcella was wounded but managed to defeat Bolfur, killing him in the progress while other Stormcloaks were killed or fled.[36][30] Upon waiting for Admiral Aldis and General Tullius with a huge Legion, marched and successfully take Fort Amol led by Fort Commander Tovmeskr Fair-Heart.[33][28] After toking Fort Amol, Marcella march to Windhelm and upon reaching, Marcella pray to Akatosh and Talos before they start sieging Windhelm, which resulting Windhelm successfully taken and badly wounded, as well both Ulfic Stormcloak and Galmar Stone-Fist were killed in the progress, thus ending the rebellion.[8][28]

Marcella return to Cyrodiil where two Thalmor embassy was summoned by High King Larethahl Elsinlock to discussed about the Talos worship situation, but the treaty broke soon after.[37] Another war had declared, and upon meeting with her generals, the Imperial Navy and Legion was ready. Marcella Valeria and her Legion marched south of the coast and border the home of the Khajiit of Elsweyr, where General Claudius Falx with upcoming battle at Blackwood, which ends great suffering and heavy losses. Where Marcella enountered and wounded by Tauraril Athan which Odahviing arrived and save Marcella.[37] Upon regaining her wounds, she than lead her remaining Legion, travelled to the trading supply lines where the village called Water's Edge was attacked by the Thalmor, which she saving Water's Edge and captured the King himself, which also escaped with a help of Athan.[37][38][39] Marcella then helped her ally and second cousin, High King Kaydoc of Renemath and King Helseth Selodil respectfully, defeating the Orcish War party at the Siege of Sentinel.[40][37] But Helseth, Kaydoc and Marcella returned to their respected nations.[41] After Marcella return to Cyrodiil and resume her duty as Empress.[UL 5]

About few weeks later, Marcella Valeria heard the great meeting happening in Cyrodiil's Conference room.[42] Which Marcella and the Tamrielic Alliance leaders with Larethahl Elsinlock which accompanying by Tauraril Athan, an Orcish Warlord, and the Valenwood King ended the great meeting over six hours with discussing, which Marcella pulled the Legion out of Valenwood as well in the Summerset Isles, as well as an Orcish Warlord threading the Meeting of invading Riften which it was quickly shutdown.[43][42] Marcella Valeria and Larethahl Elsinlock agreed the terms and signed the Second White-Gold Concordat and thus officially ending the War of the First Dragon.[9] However after the War with the Third Dominion, many believes that Imperial historians that Marcella Valeria won the war, by saving the Empire, in other hand the Aldemri historians that Dominion won the war.[42][44][12]

Marrying Jenassa and Tamriel Exploration

"The War in Skyrim and with the Third Aldmeri Dominion is over. Ulfric is defeated and Stormcloaks is defeated at Windhelm. Ulfric himself hated the Dark Elf, even I interfere into the war, the reason is because I'm half Dark Elf from my mother and the Stormcloaks killed my parents, which marks me with rage that I'll never forget."
―Marcella Valeria[src]

Along with her wife Jenassa, they had made numerous visits all across Tamriel.

After the War of the First Dragon is over with an treaty of the Second White-Gold Concordat had signed between Empress Marcella Valeria and High King Larethahl Elsinlock.[43][11] Marcella Valeria was one of the bravest, strongest Dragonborn Empress of all of Tamriel and Cyrodiil.[UL 7] She met an Dunmer mage and mercenary Jenassa, an member of House Telvanni. Jenassa soon traveled to the Imperial City to meet Marcella with gifts that her return after the Siege of Windhelm. Upon Marcella's wounds, she took Marcella to her quarters and settle, soon that Jenassa fall in love with the Empress and asked Marcella to be her girlfriend, which Marcella accepted. Soon, Marcella and Jenassa was married at the Temple of the One, and becoming the first homosexual wedding in Cyrodiil.[45][UL 7] Marcella managed to visit Morrowind with her wife, Jenassa and continued the friendship between Morrowind and Cyrodiil.[26] She is described as bisexual or pansexual with strong female-lean.[UL 8] Thus meeting King Helseth Selodil, Marcella's uncle-in-law and Jenassa's uncle respectfully. Marcella and Jenassa remaining their honeymoon together, before returning to Cyrodiil. While the couple enjoying their peaceful life, but an assassination attempt, ordered and to assassinate by the Dark Brotherhood Listener Rinveso Rothni, which resulted in Rinveso managed to wounded Marcella before escaping from capture, while remaining undetected.[46][47][48] In 5E 9, Larethahl Elsinlock visits Marcella and Jenassa at the Imperial City and later become friends and acquaintance with each other, inlcuding forgiving their past, respectfully.[12][26][UL 5]

The following year, Marcella and her wife Jenassa visit the Samuruik in Hammerfell, as well visiting major cities like Sentinel, Dragonstar and Rihad. For about two Sun's Hands later, Marcella and Jenassa then left Hammerfell, and return to Skyrim for the first time since the Skyrim Civil War in the warning years of the Fourth Era. Marcella then visiting recurring cities like Falkreath, Whiterun and Windhelm, as well as other former Stormcloak-allied cities, which is now the Imperial-allied cities.[49] For the first time, the Valerian Empire as well entire of Tamriel is now at peace. both Marcella and Janessa is aware of the now-peace Tamriel. During the Exploration of Tamriel, both Marcella and her wife mostly stayed at the Empress' Tower in Solitude to keep the relationship with Elisif and her son, Haakon, the future High King. After that, the couple went on to explore other parts in Skyrim. They soon travel backed to Morrowind, an Jenassa's homeland and Marcella's co-homeland respectfully.[13][49] Meanwhile in the Imperial City, Cyrodiil was de facto governing by the famous-popular Elder Council while Marcella is away.[13] After visiting Skyrim, the couple went to one of the series of visting in the Summerset Isles, while the High King Larethahl Elsinlock's health is failing during the early of the Fifth Era. Exploring cities just as Skywatch, Alinor, the capital of the Summerset Isles an other Altmer cities.[12]

The Altmer citizens somehow dislike of Marcella Valeria visiting the cities within the Summerset Isles, but the peace between Summerset Isles and Tamriel that the High Elves are accepted Imperials in their homeland, even their Empress Marcella Valeria.[49] Her final visits are in Tamriel that she spends the rest in High Rock like in Waywest, in Black Marsh, and Elsweyr such as the city of Riverhold.[13] His final visit is once again go back to Morrowind, when both Marcella and Jenassa stayed at Raven Rock in Solstheim, as well in Mournhold, which the both of the cities are mostly popular and very Imperial-allied citied in Morrowind. After an longest in Morrowind, Marcella and Janessa returned to Cyrodiil.

Religious reforms and The Tamrielic Alliance

The banner of the Order of the Mohawk.

Since Marcella been the member of the Imperial Family, Marcella was concerned with the spread of eastern mysteries within the city and searched for more Imperial replacements. Considered herself as an Nine Divines, mostly a Akatosh and Talos worshipper, she was devoted into the divines and was having an Amulet of Talos with her during her travels and battles. Since she an religious monarch and devoted to the Divines, Marcella agreed to let the Altmers who living in Cyrodiil, worship their pantheon and forbade proselytizing in any religion, even in those regions where he allowed Tamrelic to worship freely.[9][10] Her order, the Order of the Mohawk pardoned by Marcella herself to become the Empress' bodyguards and protectors, as well replaced the Blades as the Empire's Agents.[29]

When the religious war with the High King Larethahl Elsinlock of Alinor, the aftermath of Civil War in Skyrim on late 4E 201, since Larethahl accused Marcella having being an Talos devoted worshipper and since she responded that she let the Altmeri pantheon to worship on High-elves' living in Cyrodiil.[37][50] Foreign religions were tolerated insofar as they did not interfere with public order, or could be assimilated with the traditional Imperial religion.[UL 3] While Marcella gaining popularity with her cousins in Skyrim, she always believed that worshiping of Talos as a deity was morally wrong and that the ban on Talos worship was in no way coerced by the Aldmeri Dominion.[51] Though considering Titus rejected the outlawing of Talos worship demanded by the Thalmor at the start of the Great War, the publication may be an effort to save face after the Empire was terribly diminished by the Great War.[5][42]

After the Rebellion was crashed, Marcella Valeria's popularity grew stronger and devoted within the Nords which mostly sided with the Empire, even though during her short stay in Skyrim, Solitude become the new capital of Kingdom of Skyrim under High Queen Elisif. Elisif granted the Empress, the Proudspire Manor for her visits to Skyrim. The Imperials and Nords considered Marcella Valeria, a hero of both Cyrodiil and Skyrim.[UL 9] After the Third Dominion was defeated, Marcella invited Larethahl Elsinlock to the Alliance of Tamriel, including the three-hundred peace treaty between the two superpowers of Tamriel, which Larethahl agreed with signing of the Second White-Gold Concordat. Marcella also agreed to pull out her Legions out of the Summerset Isles and still remained by allowing Altmeri Pantheon to worship in the Empire of the Altmer citizens living in Cyrodiil.[9][10]

Relationship with the Elder Council

The Council Chamber in the Imperial Palace.

The Council had established itself as a significant authority during Empress Katariah's many travels and the short reign of the frail Cassynder. As such, Marcella Valeria then summoned all Tamriel rulers, including High Queen Elisif the Fair of Skyrim, Helseth Selodil, King of Morrowind, High Queen Alynne of High Rock and High King Kaydoc of Hammerfell to White-Gold Tower to strengthen the alliance between Tamrielic languages.[43] Marcella also tried to speak with Larethahl Elsinlock, High King of the Summerset Isles but he refused because of her Talos worship and later have war between Summerset Isles and the Valerian Empire.[12]

Marcella Valeria then quickly raise to popularity throughout her years as Empress. She also have peace treaties in beast nations such as Elsweyr, home of Khajiit and Black Marsh, the home of the Argonians, which the Nation of Black Marsh is the home of the Argonians; which Black Marsh is considered unconquered nation. Throughout her reign, Marcella Valeria promoted lawfulness and furthered the establishment of Imperial organizations. Tamriel was united to a great extent.[52] After the war, policies and peace treaties was made Tamriel into peace and with about 500+ peace, many believes that it will not last or will last.

As the Empress, Marcella developed relationship with new recently High Chancellor Adebnis Salvian which he remained High Chancellor during almost of the Marcella's reign.[43][UL 5] While Marcella's role of Supreme Commander of the Tamrielic Alliance as well of Tamrielic Expeditionary Forces, Marcella Valeria was involved into Stormcloak Rebellion and war with the Aldmeri Dominion, part of the series of wars involving the Valerian Empire along with Tamrielic Alliance force. By the time that the Second White-Gold Concordat peace treaty was signed, the Dominion made peace with the Empire. And the Expeditionary Forces were disbanded.[UL 2][43] With the defeat of the Third Dominion, Marcella Valeria told the Elder Council that the Fourth Era had ended, and begin the new era, called the Fifth Era. Peace remained at the start of the Fifth Era, in Tamriel.[43]

The Forsworn Proxy War

While Marcella traveled all of Tamriel with Jenassa, and most recently arrived and met the elder rival, High King Larethahl Elsinlock in Alinor. Then while, the Forsworn who have lost to the Empire before while Marcella was an Crusader, the Forsworn leader Honnuad Travozu, ready to invade first Skyrim and Cyrodiil.[53] Marcella then sent letters both High Queen Elisif the Fair and her adopted daughter Livia Valeria to travel to Skyrim to deal with the Forsworns. Upon giving Livia, her adopted daughter giving Generalship and Marcella went to proxy war with the Forsworn, and giving the command of the Legion because of her old wounds are catching up with Marcella.[54] Livia went on to go to Skyrim, stationed at Fort Kastav and years later in 5E 21.[53] Marcella promoted Livia to Generalship.

During the years after, Marcella Valeria, along with Adebnis Salvian of the Elder Council maintained to keep the Valeria Empire in attached. While her adopted daughter Livia killed Honnuad Travozu at the Battle of the Rulers, in 5E 33, thus ending the Proxy War.[53][11]

Meeting The Moonstrider

"Well champion, By my right as Empress, I gave you the title of Ramis. It's the greatest honor that's within my power to grant. You deserve it, Legate."
―Marcella Valeria to the Moonstrider[src]

Throughout her later reign and years, Marcella managed to maintained an stabled Cyrodiil, making the Valerian Empire an superpower in Tamriel, after the defeat of the Third Aldmeri Dominion.[26] By 5E 57, Marcella and the Elder Council issued more than five polices, including an policy on the Tamrielic Alliance, and as well that she is willing to put historical disputes behind her, and enter into an alliance with Alinor, though it should be said this alliance would ultimately benefit her.[52] And during this time, Marcella saw the release to the upcoming hero, which the Hero agreed to help the Empress' second cousin the High King Aleslen from an unknown threats.[UL 5] Marcella then met and awards the Hero with serves within the Empire, and she also cleaned the Hero's pervious crimes that may or not comminuted, as well that Marcella names, the Hero the title of Ramis.[55]

Final years and Divinehood

"You know, I've a great life here in Tamriel. My life is always great and since my reign start in my early years. As Empress, my life had been the stress but powerful ruler that my parents always wanted me to be. I became the first female Dragonborn in history of all Dragonborns who come before me. My war tactics were adopted into the Legion itself, which I took that in my honor. I've also stop a rebellion in Skyrim, defeating a Dragon that haunts Mankind, and weakened the Dominion. Since then, Tamriel had reached a new era, as well as long-lasted peace. That's my legacy."
―Marcella Valeria on her life and the future on Tamriel[src]

A Elderly Marcella Valeria in her palace, circa 5E 57.

Marcella had been suffered greatly with stressed life, which took the toll on her body and health. She learned of both her eldest sister, Tulvia and her most trusted General Tiberia Macelia's deaths in 5E 61 and 5E 64, respectfully.[56][57] According to the Imperial doctor, Marcella's final years begins with in 5E 65, the ninety-two year old Empress begin to have problems with her health and managed to survive various illnesses, but managed to live with her wife Jenassa and begin to caring for the Empress.[58][UL 8] Her final Imperial laws is included, continuing policies with the Tamrielic Alliance, with the Dominion recently joined the alliance, her order, the Order of the Mohawk's members increased and became popular. Her most popular law is continuing support of the same-sex marriages in Cyrodiil, which she signed.[26] Marcella celebrates her Platinum Jubilee, which celebrates her 65-year reign in 5E 63 which was cheered among her citizens as being the most popular Empress and a peacemaker to keep stabilized in the Empire.[12][2] Few weeks after celebrating her 70-year reign anniversary called the Dragon Jubilee, the event despite continual pain and discomfort from her series of wounds from battles, Marcella died in 5E 68 of her lingering wartime wounds, she was then succeeded by her adopted daughter, Livia.[11][1][UL 3]

While her wife Jenassa managed to live and yet mourned after her love's death until her death in 5E 79. After her death, is believed by most to have ascended to Goddesshood.[59] She become Marcella, the Goddess of Tactics for her popular battle and siege tactics or strategies after a lifetime of war, and was nicknamed the "Peacemaker" because of her negotiation skills for bring Tamriel in a 300-year peace after the defeat of the Third Dominion.[2][UL 5] Upon her ascension the Nine Divines becomes the Ten. She had her own residence realm of Judhofkiin in Aetherius.[11][59][60] Due becoming an god, she was known given the title of "Dragon of the Dragon Empire", and the "Heroine-Guardian of Man".[3] After the war with Aldmeri Dominion, peace was agreed upon with one of the conditions being that the Empire and Aldmeri will re-recognize Talos as one of the Divines.[61] The Imperials and Nords have shrines in Cyrodiil and Skyrim, some with the Tamrielic Alliance factions Morrowind, High Rock and Hammerfell also recognize Marcella. Upon peace treaty, all shrines of Marcella Valeria being build and rebuild the Shrine of Talos.[62] The Second White-Gold Concordat that instates this law.[5] If Marcella did ascend, it is possible she did so by defeating Alduin, or by mantling Lorkhan.[UL 10]

Life as the Tenth Divine

Marcella Valeria also involves in history as her accession to godhood. The Valerians went on to rule over six hundred years on the Ruby Throne.[11] King Shamar gro-Rogdul plans to invade Cyrodiil, to take over the Ruby Throne himself over Emperor Titus Valeria III.[63] After the invasion, Hades rumored to have an comeback since his last defeat on the hands of Marcella Valeria in the pervious era.[59][64] The invasion succeeded when Shamar killed Titus III and become Emperor, and by beginning his fourth-month reign of terror. Shamar however killed by Crassius Avento, and thus start of the Avento Dynasty.[64] Marcella sent to alliance with Uriel Avento, which Hades succecced in killing Emperor Uriel. After defeating Hades for the final time, which Marcella severely badly wounded. The UnDead Army were vanished and defeated.[65][64] Marcella is possibility installed Uriel's brother, Cavotan Avento to the throne as Emperor Cavotan Avento I and was successful rebuilding Cyrodiil.[11][UL 1] After the events, Marcella and Talos travel to Solstheim and uncover the truth about Miraak and his followers, which Marcella under her most popular known aspect, Nelilia Sedaleth. Soon their both witness at first to be an stone, an magical upright stones dotted around the island. Then Miraak challenged the deities at the event which known as "The Summit" in the Hermaeus Mora's realm, Apocrypha, which Marcella then accepted the challenge and travel to Apocrypha. After the fierce eventually clash with Miraak, she defeated Miraak after trading dragon shouts that the first time that the two Dragonborns face to face, with she managed to defeat Miraak.[66][64]

After the events, Marcella and Talos soon they went on their respectfully separate ways, Talos then return to support Nordic warriors in Skyrim, while Marcella heard that a mysterious and powerful criminal has been spotted in Skyrim, which ending up in the location of Little Vivec. Under her "Ramis" aspect, she then managed to negotiate the people where the criminal ended, which the criminal seeking the ruin called Kagrenar, near the Morrowind border.[67] After Marcella fighting her way and where he surrounded himself, the criminal recognized Marcella. She also recognized the criminal, which was the Nerevarine, the legitimate reincarnation of Indoril Nerevar. After a decent talk, both of the deities agreed to take down an Dwarven Titan, which they succeeded. Marcella and Nerevar talk about their future, as well congratulating one another before go separate ways after the battle.[67]

After a couple months of recovering her wounds in Judhofkiin, Marcella set out in Akavir for the time in her life time on what happened to her late ancestor Uriel V and his Legion make their last stand in settlement of Septimia.[68] She set foot in Septimia, which is now decaying, abandoned and eerie environment, she begin to explore the settlement which she then reach the palace when couple of reports of Imperial Legionnaires make their last stand against the Akaiviri forces, dating back two millennia ago during the Third Era.[69] Marcella then aware that she sense of being watched by the Tsaesci, who that on the territory of the Tsaesci. And that she doesn't unaware that the Tsaesci didn't know that she is a God. Soon, she was comforted by couple of Tsaesci, which she defeats them before Talos then return in Aetherius while Marcella begin to explore the settlement of Septimia, and then it's sister-settlement, Ionith, also abandoned while both had information about the last reports while being under siege and maybe was presumably killed.[69] But soon exiting Ionith, she was wounded by a sharp arrow of the Tsaesci archer, even in pain of her never seen, she also defeats the Tsaesci in their attempt to ambushed an God. After healing herself with a spell, she then make her final dentation to Ionith before returning to Judhofkiin, with the respect of the other Divines of they're races, like the Tsaesci in Akavir.[UL 11][UL 1][68]


"Marcella says: Be ready to be strong for war until bring peace, and protect the people of Cyrodiil."
Eleven Commands: Ten Divines

A Statue of Marcella Valeria in the Imperial City.

Marcella Valeria is regarded as one of the famous Empresses of Cyrodiil, and historically the first female Dragonborn which later to become Empress of the Valerian Dynasty.[14] She is also popularized because of her being the first female Dragonborn.[13][2][UL 5] After ascended into goddesshood, Marcella's Legacy had lived on and indeed a popular one, famously known in both Morrowind and Cyrodiil. Marcella is well-known best remembered for defeating Alduin during the Dragon Crisis, ending the Stormcloaks by defeating Ulfric Stormcloak, and the High King Larethahl Elsinlock of Alinor, as well of the Third Aldmeri Dominion because of her popular battle tactics, and to her legions, generals and citizens, she was nicknamed, the "Peacemaker" because of her eye color.[70][4] During her rule, she saw the Synod reorganized, the Fighters Guild prospered and grew, saw the repair and recovery of the Empire and its capital city, the Imperial City were expanded. Her reign also oversaw the gentrification of the Imperial City, as well as becoming one of the most famously and popular female rulers in Tamriel and Cyrodiil history.[14]

In her reign and her time in the Imperial Palace, she had of large amounts of documents, memoirs, and letters survived, which about her life, reign, and her personal life, and also mentioned as the first pansexual/bisexual female ruler in Cyrodiil as Empress with massive positive reaction, involves other Tamrielic rulers, subjects and citizens.[UL 7][UL 8][71] Before her apotheosis as Goddess, she had ruled for total of 70-year reign, the second longest reigns below Tiber Septim.[2] Even though that she is the first ruler who had the Dragon blood in her blood while her predecessors doesn't, and the oldest woman to had lived in Tamriel. She was recognized by many as one of Tamriel's greatest rulers and became the subject of legends. Her death was mourned for forty-seven days, as well as one-hundred sixty-three days in Morrowind.[1][2]

Marcella had also relationship with her mentors, Paarthurnax and Arngeir, respectfully, and her old friend Odahviing, and getting along with the Elder Council. She had statues in Cyrodiil and Skyrim in her honor, in the Imperial City, and Solitude respectfully. During the Fifth Era, she had involves in history after her accession to godhood, as well she appears as a aspect of Marcella Valeria, a masculinity female Dunmer warrior named Nelilia Sedaleth.[UL 7] She defeating Miraak at Apocrypha, helped the returning Nerevarine, the legitimate reincarnation of Indoril Nerevar to defeat the Dwarven Titan in the dwemer ruin of Kagrenar.[2] Her battle tactics is also adopted by the Imperial Legion after her death, which become one of most feared and powerful Armies of Tamriel.[1][7]

Marcella's Aspects

After Marcella ascends into godhood, Marcella had appeared numerous times during the Fifth Era in various aspects. The following is a list that Marcella is known to have appeared in her aspects with no known specification on the dates of which these events occurred.

Nelilia Sedaleth

Nelilia Sedaleth, the most popular aspect of Marcella.

The most common aspect is a Dunmer named Nelilia Sedaleth, which mostly in Morrowind and Skyrim.[UL 1] Her aspect, Nelilia made her appearance as a slim muscular women who had a side-cut mohawk and thick arch brow and violet eyes.[UL 12] Her first role is successfully reunite the Great Houses and help defeat Hades in Mournhold. After that, Marcella then used the Nelilia aspect again as she traveled to new settlement of Little Vivec to find powerful criminal, which soon to be a legitimate reincarnation of Indoril Nerevar, helping him to an Dwarven Titan and gain a friendship between the two.

She had agreed to duel with Miraak in Apocrypha, a realm belongs to the Daedric Prince Hermaeus Mora. Now they fought each other to determent the future in Tamriel, both Marcella and Miraak traded shouts and various blows. During the battle, Nelilia encountered Miraak by caught and throw him to the ground, which Miraak wounded Nelilia, causing her to drop backwards.[72] At the closing of the battle, both were wounded and tired, respectfully, and eventually Nelilia defeated Miraak in battle.[73] She then return to Judhofkiin to recover her wounds, and said that she respect Miraak.[12][UL 1]

Marcella, resetting her aspect of Nelilia again, set out in Akavir, where adventuring the abandoned settlements of Septimia and Ionith. This makes the Tsaesci ambushing Nelilia, which she defeated after a brief confrontation by the Tsaesci.[UL 11][UL 1] She is also notably defeating and fatally killing Antonius Mede, causing the Order of the Dead fragmented.[68]


Ramis as Heroine-Guardian of Man.

After her death, Marcella become the god Ramis in the Nordic Pantheon as a Heroine-Guardian of Man.[UL 12] The name Ramis is the Dragon of the Fourth Empire by the Greybeards as Marcella defeated Alduin in Sovngarde, naming her the "Dragon Empress" which she adopted the nickname during her reign. As Ramis, she appeared in front of High King Maeldr Richcloak just before his reconquest of Skyrim Kingdom.[3]

Her role in Skyrim as Ramis had made a historically changed when Marcella in her mortal self defeated Alduin, establishing her Nordic aspect or deity Ramis becomes the new Kalpa.[74] The aspect herself also becomes the title itself, became the honorary title given by the Emperor or Empress of Cyrodiil.[75]

Herdis Early-Stone

The aspect of Marcella in the Nordic Pantheon other than Ramis, is Herdis Early-Stone, a possibility a Nordic name of Marcella. Prior to become Empress, she traveled to Skyrim to become Dragonborn. In the documents, it stated that Marcella went by the Nordic name, Herdis Early-Stone, fought against the Thalmor, including two major victories at Red River and Gold Road while her tenrue as a Crusader.[UL 12]

Lucina Calidius

During the Orsinium Conquest led by King Shamar gro-Rogdul, Marcella had used a aspect named Lucina Calidius, a Legate of the Imperial Legion during the Fifth Era.[UL 12] She claimed that she born into a wealthy family in Cyrodiil. Her role is allying and befriending Melgreah during her quest to stop Shamar gro-Rogdul, the usurper of Cyrodiil, in the last eight years of Shamar's Reign of terror which known as the Imperial Usurpation. Lucina also give her services to the future Emperor, General Crassius Avento to assault the Imperial City, killing Shamar and leaving the Ruby Throne to Crassius, as well becoming Emperor by the Elder Council.


The most less common aspect of Marcella is Darielle. According the Dunmer mythology, the aspect had appeared during the last decade years of her second cousin, Helseth Selodil, the King of Morrowind.[UL 12]



Dragonbreath in Invasion.

Main article: Dragonbreath
"I did create the longsword and presented to Her Imperial Majesty, Empress Marcella Valeria, and she was impressed with it."
―Octavius Jannus[src]

Prior Marcella Valeria became Empress in 4E 199, a blacksmith named Octavius Jannus first approached Marcella herself and suggest that a new weapon as an symbol of her accession, which she agreed.[76] On the day of the coronation, Jannus arrived at the White-Gold Tower within the Throne Room, and he give the longsword to Marcella and she likes it immediately.[7] Even though Marcella is Dragonborn, she named it Dragonbreath or "Dovahsu'um" in the Dragon language.[2][13][76] Sometime after that Marcella enchanted the longsword which was Dragon related during the war, and preciously Marcella hadn't enchant Dragonbreath until the war with Ulfric.[76][UL 6]

Marcella Valeria wielded the longsword and becoming her personal sword during her reign and even in death during the five-year war at the warning of the fourth Era, by defeating Jarl Ulfric Stormcloak which marks ends the Skyrim Civil War, defeating Alduin in Sovngarde, and becoming the first ruler to defeat the Third Aldmeri Dominion and make peace, which marks at the end of the Fourth Era and the War of the First Dragon, and beginning of the Fifth Era.[4][7][13] After descended into goddesshood as the Tenth Divine for using her famous battle tactics, and her successful accomplishments during her reign.[UL 6]

Her unique longsword Dragonbreath was buried along with her in her tomb at Dovah Skor, legends had it that some Forsworns tried to get the sword but often defeated by Kynareth herself and retrieved the sword, than Marcella's blacksmith, Ragnar the Shatterer re-sharped it and give it back to Marcella in Aetherius.[60] And Ragnar made a reblica of the Dragonbreath as a replacement of the tomb.[52] While currently as Empress, she faces off the returning Hades, and the King Shamar gro-Rogdul invaded Cyrodiil, which begin the Orsinium Conquest that killed the last Valerian Emperor Titus III, and managed to restored the Empire by killing Shamar and rise of the Avento Dynasty.[63][76] She also used Dragonbreath, notability defeating a long battle with Miraak at Apocrypha.[UL 6]

Marcella's Cuirass

The Armor reforged

Main article: Marcella Valeria's Cuirass
"This armor was worn by Empress-turned Goddess Marcella Valeria. While her armor is rare and unqiue, it's combination of the General Cuirass and Steel Plate Armor, and re-forged gold."

Marcella met with Octavius Jannus to made her new armor, which at the time that she was recovering from her wounds. With Jannus start to have an unique style of her armor which Jannus' then beginning to craft and forged the armor for five-weeks to the month. Upon completion, Jannus brought a new sword and was presented to the future Empress, Marcella Valeria. By Jannus' described of the conversation is that Marcella herself was impressed.[77] Which she wear the armor during for the rest of her reign, and contuning to used it as a Divine.[UL 7]


Main article: Holyblade

In the early of the Fifth Era, after the Third Aldmeri Dominion come to an end, her second cousin Helseth Selodil, the King of Morrowind and Marcella met after, and improved the relations between the Dunmer and the Imperials, according to since allied of the Tamrielic Alliance. During the wedding of Marcella and Jenassa, the first homosexual marriage in Cyrodiil, Helseth gifted presented Marcella with powerfully enchanted and modified Dragonbone twin daggers, Holyblade and Lightbless, which Lightbless was given to Jenassa.[78] It had said to had used Holyblade against the assassin and Listener Rinveso Rothni, however it also been impaled Marcella by Rinveso.[79]

Marcella's Amulet

The Amulet of the Kulaas is a personal Marcella's jewelry amulet that is the Ruby Jeweled Necklace that was owned by Marcella Valeria when she received as a gift in her twelfth birthday sometime after became Dragonborn.[78] The necklace is brings luck, and blessed by the three Divine Goddesses Dibella, Kynareth, and Mara. The true name is never mentioned, but appears in Marcella's quarters in Judhofkiin.[80]


The Marriage of Empress Marcella Valeria and Empress Consort Jenassa at the Imperial Palace.

When referring to her life, Marcella Valeria was describe as brave, beautiful, honest and shy person.[81][14] She was shy by meeting new people when she was young.[26] Marcella was loving, friendly and honorable, however, as she dislikes cowardice, only bursting out in anger when antagonized or threatened.[81][UL 1] As Princess of Cyrodiil, she learned how to shoot, hunting and all of that. During her childhood, Marcella was mostly close with her mother, Brelyna Telvanni and she told and teach Marcella how to fight and fond of her two oldest sisters. During her teenage years, her shyness became more rare as well being public changed Marcella as prior became Empress.[81][49] Marcella also the Valerian and future Empress that had a specific mohawk, and getting popularity because of her mother.[26][49] Her soldiers during her career and reign described Marcella, a beautiful woman of all Cyrodiil.[81] When describing Marcella Valeria, people recognize her valor, daring, justice, courtesy, pride, generosity, and humility—these traits of Marcella are known as her life and reign.[81][49][5]

Her feminine tone-masculinity developed that Marcella Valeria was skilled swordsman as an Imperial General and Empress.[26][UL 3] She accepts what’s given like giving orders by her uncle and her officers prior becoming a General. Marcella never leave the battle or siege throughout her life, which most of the time becoming seriously wounded during battles—which her wounds wasn't batter her as she continuing fighting with wounds; making the first Empress and female Dragonborn to done that.[5] She also had faith in life, oneself and others—like her soldiers during combat, cooperative and open minded, willing to consider other opinions.[60] Marcella become an fan and supports of what shows heavy appreciation for the arts, and support allies.[49][14] During the War of the First Dragon, Marcella managed to support her allies, giving trade and policies in the Tamrielic Alliance, as well to complete the successfully put down the Stormcloaks Rebellion during the events of the Skyrim Civil War, which her goal to stop the Rebellion and Ulfric which she despised.[12][25] After Ulfric defeat, her deep repugnance of Ulfric and the Stormcloaks somehow lifted, that her revenge for her late parents.[5][82]

When Marcella become Empress after the death of her uncle, her personality was improved her early years, that was described that she believes that she is the ruler the Valerian Empire need, due to her lifetime of experience as an adventurer and warrior.[81][13] She has much honor for Imperial and Dunmer culture and heritage, and considers the royal ceremonies to be "honor and love."[78] But the Imperials described that Empress Marcella Valeria was loving, friendly and honorable, however, as she dislikes cowardice, only bursting out in anger when antagonized or threatened.[25][83] She can be reckless in combat, and states that the only way to have faith in oneself is to "look fear in the face, and conquer it." She also doesn't like leaving troops behind and was remembered and famously for being wounded multiple times during battles.[84][78][UL 3]

During her rule, she said that she worked all night of her paper work and was that she was also patriotic and loyal, fiercely protective of those he considers friends, as well being loved by her citizens and nobles of the Empire.[UL 1] Her personality was brought to test with the High Chancellor Adebnis Salvian with in the Elder Council, but the relationship between Salvian and Marcella improved and later to be best friends, making the only good relationship within the Elder Council.[81][83] Marcella was deemed a women of responsibility and industry—often regarded as the most intelligent of Cyrodiil's famously empresses which she seems to have mastered the art of remaining independent of her ministers.[5][UL 1] Lacking all interest in academic knowledge, she was nevertheless a patron of culture, especially in art and architecture. Her main weaknesses were probably pleasure-seeking and giving her an hard trouble, which sometimes distracted her.[25][5]


According to the book The Dragon Empress, Marcella Valeria was described by Jenassa and Paarthurnax.[UL 8] She was of average height, her head had smoother look, had tattoos on her arms and legs, she had a toned muscles, a upturned cute nose and flexible of movement, had a pretty smile, bright purple eyes and her hair was blonde, and have an popularity mohawk.[60][2] Despite supposedly being a Half Imperial and Half Dunmer half-breads, her family having both Imperial and Dunmer heritages dated back her grandfather, Reman Valeria.[81] Like most Imperials, her skin-tone was tan, while her young years in her childhood, she appears as a dark elf but as she grows older, she appear more then an Imperial.[81][60] Jenassa presumed her age ranged from late twenties years old at the time.[1] Other features of Marcella Valeria were a arched brow and powerful chin.[25]



The following are images of Marcella Valeria from Battles Screenshots.


  • Marcella Valeria's full name has a great relation to herself, as:
    • The Roman cognomen and Italian meaning of Marcella is warlike, martial, and strong, which is also perfect relation to her, despite being the Valerian Empress and her being after a lifetime of war.
    • Valeria is Latin origin, meaning to be strong and brave, similar that she is had a some sort of muscular during her reign. This is also be a reference to a herb, called Valerian located in Europe and Asia, and Marcella also described that she loves flowers.
  • She is known best remembered for her battle and sieging tactics, either in both sieges and battles. The Imperial Legion soon to adopted the tactic for years to come.
  • Marcella's eye color is violet which herself confirms that her mother's mother was Dunmer, even though the only appear as Half Dunmer is her eye color.
    • Like her name, she is also adopted a Dunmer surname, Selodil thus making Marcella of her half Imperial and half Dunmer heritage and her mother is from House Selodil.
    • Even as an halfbreed, Marcella Valeria's appearance isn't have an tan Imperial-skin tone, she mostly as an skin-tone as an Dunmer, which also an have an facial figure as an Imperial/Dunmer.
    • She can be have an Imperial-skin tone, but possibility that her skin tone is tan tone. Any facials were her mohawk and her violet eyes which the only confrimations of her Dunmer heritage.
  • She is the first Valerian character to appeared in another The Elder Scrolls series, which she appeared as both an Mortal and an Deity.
  • Marcella's sexuality is matter of the debate, which herself confirms that she's between bisexual/pansexual as she is married with Jenassa, while other sources claiming that she's a closet lesbian.
  • Having succeeded her uncle, Marcella Valeria's succession is mostly based on Celene Valmont I from the Dragon Age series.
  • She is the first and only Valerian and Dragonborn who had a mohawk.
  • During her life as Marcella Valeria, she wielded a golden sword which forged by Octavius Jannus, known as Dragonbreath, which the blood is from the sword after her death.
  • In the alternative timeline during the events of The Elder Scrolls: Rebellion, Marcella's story had influenced by Emily Kaldwin from Dishonored 2 storyline.


  1. Marcella is the only half-breed whose eyes are violet. Her mother, Brelyna had the same trait, also had violet eyes because of her Dunmeri family, the Selodil had rumored to be from Chimer descent, which had prominent violet eyes.
  2. In Skyrim, she herself confirmed that she also had residence and she also makes her visits mostly in Morrowind with her girlfriend-then wife Jenassa during the start of the Fifth Era. King Helseth in Moonstrider states that "The Empress (Marcella Valeria) had an special manor-palace in the capital city in Mournhold."



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